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Solar Panels

What’s Happening With The Keystone XL Pipeline?

Political pressure and environmental concerns are just two of the speed bumps on the way to Keystone XL completion   The Keystone Pipeline is an oil pipeline system that is designed to transport crude oil from the rich sand-oil fields of Alberta, Canada, to refineries in the US Midwest and Gulf Coast region. Oil-rich regions […]

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Securing our energy future highlighted at Offshore Energy 2013

On 15 & 16 October 2013 the 6th Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference was held  Amsterdam RAI. The two-day event was attended by 9,123 international visitors, an increase of 20% compared to last year. Official opening: The state of the world By the push on the button of Ko Colijn, Sander Vergroesen, Managing Director IRO, […]

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Fracking to save US Economy

Amid a Government Shutdown, Domestic Oil and Gas Production Hints at the Spirit of Private Industry

As domestic energy production spikes, the US Government grinds to a halt There has been quite a lot of talk in recent weeks about the role of the US government and the lengths at which opposing parties will go to induce governmental gridlock. Whether you naturally side with the Democrats, Republicans, Independents – or with […]

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Oil Industry Experts Question The Government’s Carbon Price Tag Scheme

The Government Seeks To Institute New Carbon Pricing Regulations Everyone agrees that environmental conservancy is a good thing. While there is really no reasonable way to expect seven billion inhabitants of the planet Earth to “leave no trace,” having as small an impact on the environment as possible is a good thing. This impact must […]

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Oil & Gas Industry Carbon Emissions

Oil and Gas Industry a Leader In Emissions Reduction

Oil and Gas Industry Has Contributed More To Emissions Reduction Than The US Government!   Since 2000, the oil and gas industry as a whole has contributed more than $81 billion to reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. In fact US carbon dioxide emissions are at the lowest levels since the early 1990’s. The Federal […]

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Oilfield Theft on the rise

Theft of Oilfield Equipment Is Rising

Oilfield Equipment Theft Is On The Rise With the immense increase in oil and gas production across the country, it makes sense that a certain level of opportunism will raise its ugly head. While the oil and gas companies that work similar geographic areas are frequently part of a tight industry network, the amount of […]

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North American Rig Count Up

U.S. Drilling Rig Count Dwarfs Other Nations

Drilling Rig Counts Help US Compare Level Of Drilling Activity Across The Globe Baker Hughes, a massive oil services company based out of Houston, Texas, released the latest domestic and international drilling rig count during their mid-September informational release. The release showed that active US drilling rig counts are up slightly over the August 2013 […]

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Oilfield Equipment in Hot Demand

Oilfield Equipment Is In Hot Demand

Oilfield Production Is Up, As Are Prices!   When oil prices rise, those in the resource extraction business get to work increasing their operational efficiencies, investing in new equipment, and seeking new opportunities to drill for natural gas or oil. One of the most critical aspects of effectively drilling for natural resources is using the […]

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