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Tips For Installing Oil Well Casing

An oil well casing is a length of metal pipe that is installed within an oil well to strengthen the hole while simultaneously offering a measure of protection against oil leakage that could otherwise spill into ground water. The importance of casing pipe is quite significant because they prohibit gases from seeping into the well […]

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Rig Blow Out

Tips To Prevent Drilling Blowouts

It is an understatement to say that safety is important when it comes to drilling. One way to ensure that the work site remains as safe as possibly is to prevent drill blowouts within the variety of oilfield tools you may own and operate. The drilling phase is just one portion of the process during […]

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Transporting Oilfield Tanks

Transporting oil drilling equipment became a little easier with the development of the portable frac tanks and various other types of tanks that have skids built in. A frac tank is used to store and transport oil and other liquids used in the process of hydraulic fracturing. Other tanks such as water tanks, storage tanks, […]

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Discounted Oilfield Supplies

If you do a thorough web search, you will find your oil field supplies at a fraction of the cost. One way is to buy used oil drilling equipment and slowly replace it with new. The other way is to keep surfing the web for oil field equipment until you find prices that work for […]

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Saving Time With Your Next Oilfield Service

Oilfield services companies typically supply necessary services to the petroleum exploration and production industry without actually producing petroleum themselves. Saving time with your next oilfield service can be as simple as doing your research prior to contracting any specific company. Making your decision is easier when you have the peace of mind that comes from […]

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