Rice Fellow Completes Successful Mentorship Program with PESA

LEFT TO RIGHT: Pamela Ekechukwu and PESA President Leslie Beyer

PESA hosted a fellow, Pam Ekechukwu, this summer through the PESA/Rice Center for Civic Leadership Fellowship Program. Pam was PESA’s first summer intern and she quickly became an integral part of the PESA team.

Pam primarily worked on public policy efforts including NAFTA, Offshore Leasing and Mexico business issues. She also spearheaded a review of options for conducting a direct impact analysis of the oilfield service sector. Pam’s enthusiasm and professionalism were apparent in all projects and programs she took on.

Pam returns to Rice as a junior in Chemical Engineering and has an extremely bright future ahead. Having the opportunity to mentor a Rice Fellow was a rewarding experience for the entire PESA team. Information on the 2018 Program will be shared with PESA Members in September. If you would like to learn more about the PESA/Rice Center for Civic Leadership Fellowship Program, please contact PESA Director of Membership Services Beth Sigler.

Source: https://www.pesa.org/archives/rice-fellow-completes-successful-mentorship-program-with-pesa/