What is in Fracking Fluid Anyway? (Infographic)

Because of all the publicity it has received lately, there are a lot of people who may not be able to understand the difference between the depths involved in both fracking and the level of the water table. As the infographic shows, fracking is done well more than a mile below most water tables, protected by layers of cement and steel, making it virtually impossible for any frack fluid to filter into a water supply.

But even if the impossible were to happen, what makes up the fluid that drillers use for fracking? Contrary to what you may think, 99.5% of frack fluid is simply fresh water and sand. The remaining 0.5% is primarily made up of chemicals, most of them naturally occurring, and ones that we use in our everyday lives. And yes, people have even imbibed in a glass of frack fluid just to prove that point (although we don’t recommend it as a thirst quencher).

Take a look at the infographic to see exactly what makes up frack fluids.


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