Why an oil rig is crawling along the Kent coast

The amazing sight of the oil platform RAN being towed across the English Channel 
(Image: Cherry Charters)

If you look far enough out to sea this morning (July 31) you might just catch sight of a peculiar procession on the horizon.

Bobbing about in the English Channel is a large oil platform that has been crawling along the Kentish coast on its way to the Isle of Sheppey.

Once there, the oil platform RAN will link up with Prospector 1, which has been docked off Sheerness for some time.

As you’d expect, the process of moving a 775ft drilling platform isn’t an easy one.

To move the gargantuan platform, three large offshore supply ships have been assigned to tow it through the surf.

Pictures taken from a commercial flight earlier this week show the colossal size of the endeavour.

The two platforms are part of the Borr Drilling fleet but will remain in Sheerness until work can be found for them.

The enormous platform can drill to a depth of 35,000 feet (Image: Cherry Charters)

The enormous drills are expensive, coming it at around $200 million each.

However, they need to be expensive in order to drill to a depth of 35,000 feet.

RAN passed Sandwich Bay earlier this morning and should reach Sheerness by 1pm.

It’s not the only strange thing to have happened in Kent over lockdown.

On (July 3), you might have spotted a peculiar aircraft in the sky.

The curious aircraft undertook a slightly irregular flight path (Image: BlueSky)

The strange looking plane in question was actually a UK drone that took off from Greatstone at 5.43am.

The route the drone took has attracted the curiosity of many.

After heading out to sea over Dungeness’ headland, the drone made a beeline for the Dover Strait.

Once there it spent some time spinning around in figures of eight directly above the Dover- Calais ferry link.

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SOURCE: https://www.kentlive.news/news/kent-news/oil-rig-crawling-along-kent-4381947