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Drones Solving Safety Challenges Within the Tank Storage Industry

Singapore, 9-3-2018 – A report published within the Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries uncovered that 74 percent[1] of accidents that occurred within industrial facilities took place in oil storage terminals and petroleum refineries. Human error was also identified as the biggest risk to terminal operators[2]. As a result, the tank storage and terminal industry […]

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How to Use Drones to Improve Equipment Reliability in the Oil and Gas Industry

To have oil equipment operating efficiently and reliably is demanding, expensive, and requires performing these tasks: Monitor the equipment on a continual basis to detect failures or impending failures; Perform regularly scheduled preventive maintenance tasks to prevent or delay equipment failure; Plan for downtime to replace or repair defective equipment. To perform these tasks is expensive […]

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How Drones Will Transform the Oil and Gas Industry in 2018

Emerging technologies in robotics and automation have the potential to improve operations in the oil and gas industry by reducing costs, and increasing safety, efficiency and speed of the processes. Comprising of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, analytics, and other hardware and software tools, the technologies are already finding inroads in a variety of processes. These […]

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