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A New Era Begins w/Schramm T500XD Telemast Drill Rigs

                                                                                                                                                            West Chester, PA, March 19, 2013 – Our new walking, talking Schramm T500XD Telemast® drill rig rated 500,000 lb. hook load is on its way to the Marcellus and Utica Shale in a compact eight truckload package. This rig sets a new standard with full 360 degree walking portability for fast moves from hole […]

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Exploration and Development of Shale Gas

The natural gas found within the Marcellus Shale formation in Pennsylvania is a clean-burning, abundant energy source. It provides economic benefits to communities across the state, with producers investing hundreds of millions of dollars in leasing properties, drilling, infrastructure improvements and community development. From start to finish, drilling a Marcellus well is an investment in […]

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Learn About the Marcellus Shale

The Marcellus Shale represents tremendous opportunities for Pennsylvania: Clean-burning, domestically produced energy; jobs in the natural gas industry and associated businesses; and economic benefits to individuals and communities across the Commonwealth.   What is the Marcellus Shale? Formed about 380 million years ago, the Marcellus Shale is a deep geologic formation that covers more than […]

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