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Frackers Can Still Rule The World’s Oil Markets

This is an Op-Ed that was published In MEES this week, written By Bernhard Hartmann and Saji Sam. The views expressed are strictly those of the authors, and do not represent those of MEES When ‘Abd Allah al-Badri, Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), recently said the cartel’s decision to continue […]

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Shale Oil Boom

Shale Oil Boom Supported By Inventory Of Affordable Service Equipment

Shale oil is redefining our domestic oil and gas output potential Shale oil is a big deal these days. Though shale oil has been documented as a global fuel source back to the late 1400’s, the recent advances in extraction and refining technologies have moved this resource onto the center stage. It is estimated that […]

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