Discounted Oilfield Supplies

If you do a thorough web search, you will find your oil field supplies at a fraction of the cost. One way is to buy used oil drilling equipment and slowly replace it with new. The other way is to keep surfing the web for oil field equipment until you find prices that work for your budget and needs.

Here are some oil field supplies running special pricing or reconditioned items that can save money:

Texas International Oilfield Tools, LTD  is offering special pricing through July on weldless elevator bails and 350 ton extensions. TI also supplies tubing spiders, safety clamps, DU rotary slips, single joint elevators, A series center latch elevators, hinged casing spiders along with other pipe handling tools. Texas International Oil Tools is located at 14620 Henry Road, Houston, TX

KS/Bit sales various types of drill bits and hole openers. They have over 30,000 drill bits in stock!  Specializing in reruns for • Mining • Oil Well • Water Well • Geothermal • Environmental • Construction • Exploration • And Blast Hole

Also available are a complete line of new & surplus bits, hammer bits, hole openers, subs & new drill pipe. KS/Bit buys used & new surplus bits. Located in Benton IL Houston, Texas.

Taylor Industries are also offering July special pricing on refurbished units. You could save $30,000 if booked by 7-31-15. Taylor has pump packages, accumulators and pipe handlers with attractive pricing. This dealer is located at 6015 N Xanthus Ave  Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Howard Supply Company in Houston, Texas, offers oil field supplies, such as Petol repair, DEU hydraulic, plate clamps, 25-pound metal and 18-pound plastic at below-market prices.

Petroleum Equipment Company, Inc. has discounted new, used and rebuilt equipment for your oil field company, such as dies-handling tools, slip inserts, swivel parts, pressure plug valves, safety valves and Kelly valves. Petroleum Equipment Company is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Texas Oil Patch Service in Houston, Texas, sells V-belts and sheaves, parts for crown blocks and traveling blocks, bearings, seals, wire line sheaves and provides parts for multiple manufacturers, such as Oilwell, National, Emsco, Ideco and others.

C & C Industries, Inc. sells ball valves, flange ball valves, butterfly valves, pneumatic actuators, threaded ball valves, lug-check and wafer valves and more. V & C Industries is located at 10350 Clay Rd Ste 250, Houston, Texas. It takes phone, online and in-person orders.

If you are looking to save some money during this economic down turn. Take a look at any of the quality suppliers found in Tradequip International. Another great place to find good used oil field equipment is at oil field auctions.  The Houston, Texas, area is the greatest source for oilfield supplies, machinery, repair, maintenance and equipment parts. It pays to compare pricing.