Fluid ends designed for lower stress, longer life

GardneGardner_Denver_Press_Release_CreativerDenver recently unveiled its latest innovation in fluid ends featuring its proprietary Falcon Technology. In its new TLS 10 fluid ends, the company has developed a twist-in retainer that does not require special alignment to the valve cover, as the gun-sight design of its counterpart does, but maintains compatibility with both. The result is lower stress while extending the life of the fluid end. The company’s TLS 10 carbon steel fluid ends, based on test results using Gardner Denver’s refined finite-element stress analysis techniques and backed by 40 years of experience in fluid-end design, have been proven to last up to three times longer than their competitors within well-service pumps such as the Weir SPM Destiny pump. Based on the success of the TLS 10, Gardner Denver is integrating its Falcon Technology throughout its fluid-end lines. At the same time, the company has expanded its production facilities in Fort Worth, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Altoona, Pennsylvania to accommodate increased aftermarket demand. In addition, Gardner Denver has developed a stainless steel material for fluid-end construction. This material has been found to last two to three times longer than the carbon steel version. Despite the higher initial cost of the stainless steel fluid end, a lower cost of ownership is achieved over the longer life of the product.


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Source:  www.gardnerdenver.com