From Oil In The Ground to Gas in Your Car

Have you ever wondered how oil in the ground becomes gas in your car gas tank? Well, you’re in luck. In the infographic below, Tradequip shows all the stages that oil goes through to get to your car. The infographic takes you on a journey from the oil discovery process through to oil extraction by means of both land and offshore drilling.

From the extraction stage, you see the oil transportation process to the refinery. At the refinery, the oil is turned into many useful products, one of which is gasoline. The gas is then sold via direct and indirect sellers, which ship the gasoline in trucks that take it to the gas station pump.

The infographic closes with a graph of U.S. oil consumption trends over the past 5 years. With gas prices at near record highs, you can see all the possible links in the chain that can cause the price of your gasoline to rise. Next time you’re at the pump you can take a second to appreciate all the work it took to get your gas to you.