Oklahoma – An Energy Industry State

15 of the top 20 companies in Oklahoma are focused on the energy industry

Oklahoma an Oil Producing State There is no doubt that companies that want to make money in the booming energy field have had no better time than the present. There is a resurgence in the hunt for oil, a renewed focus on locating natural gas stores, and a more concerted effort to develop new technologies that will make natural resource extraction a more efficient and effective process.

A recent presentation by Oklahoma City University Economist, Russell Evans, shed light onto the ways more and more companies are profiting from the recent uptick in oil and gas production. Evans noted that companies that want to make serious money during this time don’t necessarily have to locate themselves on the oil platform. Rather, many of these profitable enterprises have found that more money is to be made as part of the supply chain.


Areas that are driving the energy industry in Oklahoma


The new oil pipelines that are currently under construction require subcontractors to weld sections, fit flanges, and man the machines that are used to construct the actual pipeline sections. Drivers are needed to move some of the pre-fabricated sections to the assembly area, and crane operators are enlisted to accurately place pipe sections into their final resting spaces. Safety inspectors and site managers are needed to ensure all contractors are working in harmony.

Equipment rental companies are finding that times have rarely been better in terms of the sheer volume of rental equipment that is in demand these days. Whether oilfield workers are in need of mud pumps, drilling accessories, drill pipe, compressors, or other oilfield necessities, the equipment rental market is a terrific way for companies to get in on this profitable sector.

Oklahoma has also seen a lift in the demand for oil field trucking companies. While the pipelines that are currently under construction do threaten to affect demand for crude oil truckers down the road, the current need for those who operate commercial grade trucks is real. These drivers can often make upwards of $25 per hour to start, which has made the truck driver position a sought-after job among those who have previous trucking experience.