CK Power Tier 4 Final 10-45kW (12-56kVA) Commercial Portable Generator Sets

CK Power is excited to announce its line of Diesel and NG/LP Commercial Portable generator sets. The Commercial Portable kW range is 10-45kW (12-56kVA). The diesel fueled units meet Tier 4 Final EPA and CARB certified requirements. The NG/LP fueled units will meet wellhead and pipeline EPA certified requirements. The Commercial Portable generator set line is available in multiple configurations to meet your application needs: skid/sub-base tank mounted, open/sound enclosed, stationary/trailer mounted options and dedicated/ multi-voltage configurations.

The Commercial Portable line was designed and tested for applications needing prime power for commercial vehicles for a variety of applications from marketing vehicles/trailers to industrial custom applications.

CK Power’s mission is to continually improve and expand our power solution offering. CK Power utilizes quality training and employee involvement to provide exceptional service and products that results in client and employee satisfaction.

For more information, contact Clayton Costello at 314-868-8620.