Tradequip Has the Power to Promote

CROSSVILLE, TN, February 13th, 2013 – Tradequip, an energy equipment “marketplace,” has built an industry-leading website that focuses on connecting buyers and sellers of gas & oil extraction equipment and supplies. Emphasizing the connection component of their business model, Tradequip has strategically implemented social media, print ad, and internet-based marketing activities to further enhance their position as a key figure in the resource extraction market. Tradequip recently published some astonishing marketing statistics that point to the inherent power of its connectivity to this sector – all of which can help those in the oil & gas industry to reach more people, sell more goods, advertise their services to a broader market, and capture additional market share.


Capitalizing on the massive network of Facebook members, Twitter followers, Google+ users, LinkedIn account holders, and Pinterest aficionados, Tradequip gives those that advertise and list products and services a powerful marketing foundation that has been proven to reach out to thousands in the marketplace. In just the past year (January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012), more than 210,000 unique visitors entered the Tradequip website, viewing more than 1.2 million pages of content! With more than 23,000 Facebook likes and nearly 700 twitter followers, Tradequip is more than a website in which to list oil and gas extraction products and supplies, but also a social media forum. Tradequip is a powerful promotion tool for those businesses that are looking to sell more products, educate more consumers about their services, and strategically build their market share in this rapidly expanding sector.

About Tradequip


Based in Crossville, TN, Tradequip has been providing a sales and service forum for the oil and gas industry since 1978.  Known for their expertise and experience in all aspects of oil and gas extraction, drilling equipment and machinery, and general energy marketplace trends, Tradequip has been supplying veteran and newer outfits alike for many years. Their strength lies in the massive inventory of new and used energy market goods, as well as their ability to connect buyers and sellers in a safe, effective, and comprehensive manner. By integrating contemporary marketing and connectivity tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Tradequip is poised to remain a leader in the energy marketplace.


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Media Contact: Jeff Dyer