Toby Mack Leaves AED and Chairs Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance

With the goal to improve advocacy in the energy industry, Toby Mack seeks new leadership opportunity


The international trade organization Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is firmly committed to providing industry level support to all of its members. This group delivers public policy support for the energy, mining, and forestry groups, as well as industry training, education, and career pathing for most industries that use heavy equipment. AED also delivers reports, analysis, and current information for any of these industries that help drive profitable business decisions. Toby Mack has been the president and CEO of AED since 1989, and has led this incredible organization by focusing on the key drivers of the energy equipment industry.


Toby Mack will leave AED to lead the Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance (EEIA), which Mack described as the “voice of the shale energy supply chain”. According to Mack, the EEIA will represent the AED, along with several other trade organizations, two labor unions, and a handful of energy groups. The EEIA will also spend considerable time and effort on lobbying efforts on behalf of the shale energy industry. With so much potential energy reserves locked up in shale stores, the EEIA is poised to drive a significant economic gain for the US if lobbying efforts are successful. In fact, Mack claims that by 2020, the shale gas opportunities may drive 3.3 million new jobs, supplement federal and state tax revenues to the tune of $125 billion, and add $468 billion to the U.S. GDP. The additional energy extraction activities will add $258 billion to annual industrial output, and over $100 billion in new chemical manufacturing activities.


Mack notes that there is still powerful public opposition to shale gas drilling, and that future legislation may pass that would restrict or block shale gas drilling in several states. He also adds that the EEIA will serve as a powerful ally in the support of hydraulic fracturing techniques and shale gas drilling. Citing recent advances in drilling techniques, more rapid location of high potential drill sites, and other money saving gas and oil extraction methodologies, the US may see a dramatically improved geo-political position if shale reserves are tapped, says Mack. This will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and may help the US negotiate more freely with OPEC nations and other contemporary sources of energy.


Toby Mack will remain with AED through October, and will assist the organization in finding a suitable replacement for this key position.