Transporting Oilfield Tanks

Transporting oil drilling equipment became a little easier with the development of the portable frac tanks and various other types of tanks that have skids built in. A frac tank is used to store and transport oil and other liquids used in the process of hydraulic fracturing. Other tanks such as water tanks, storage tanks, fuel tanks, production tanks and separators that are not skidded need to loaded and transported to where needed.

Hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ as it has become popularly known, is a process used to extract oil, gas, and other substances that have migrated from their source rocks to reservoir rocks. Originally developed in the 1940s, it has recently gained notoriety owing to fears that it may cause earthquakes.

With the newer, portable frac tanks, waste water and pump water do not need to be transferred from one container to another in order to be transported. This type of tank is also used occasionally to transport other types of chemicals, both hazardous and otherwise.

There are different ways to purchase a oil field tanks and trailers to haul them with. One way is directly from the manufacturer. Another way is through oil well equipment auctions online.

There are many other types of tanks used in transport. Road tankers are one example. Static or portable, these are used for loading material from quayside to vessel or tanker to tank filling and can be a essential oilfield tools.

Oil well equipment auctions online are a great place to shop for almost all oilfield equipment needs. Unlike conventional vehicles, you don’t tend to find showrooms in every town. “Window shopping” online saves a great deal of time and money that would otherwise be consumed by sending your equipment procurement team to different states, or even different countries, to view potential purchases in person. When they see it up close, it may not even be suitable for your purposes.

Follow this link to watch how to load a tank with a winch truck. Although, the driver is skilled at getting this to work. Safety was clearly not a consideration during this maneuver.